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Learn about safety tips, college prep, assertiveness and confidence.

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Want To Feel Confident About Your Choices?

Check In With Yourself.

Learn how to find clarity within yourself, and better yet, how to remember to check in! There's no time like present.

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A 12-week course to create camaraderie, confidence, and ease.

Weekly 75-min guided discussions with a small group and informative worksheets. Learn specific skills for confronting challenging problems, such as "What do I do if I fail a course?" Build a close-knit support network outside of your home and classroom environments.

Spring 2021 Cohort Coming Soon

28 Ways to Get Away

Two-minute self defense drills to create everyday physical confidence and stay safe in attacker situations. This course covers targeting vulnerable areas, hand strikes and kicks, as well as ground fighting.

Teach Me to Defend Myself

Individual Coaching

I work with parents, students and individual women to build assertiveness and confidence. I meet with clients weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks. Coaching sessions meet online through Zoom, an online conferencing platform. Email [email protected] to set up a 15 minute phone consultation. 

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