The challenges and changes of this year have been exhausting and isolating. 

You don't need to feel alone this Winter.


Join a 12-week online college women's group to build camaraderie, confidence, and success.

The Winter 2021 cohort will focus on particular skills and practices to negotiate the struggles presented by COVID and virtual learning.

75-minute weekly sessions begin January 2021.

There are openings in the Wednesdays at 3:30PST/6:30EST cohort beginning January 13th.

Your Confidence Coach

Alexis Moore Eytinge coaches young women to be confident by helping them build support networks, set relationship boundaries, and make long-term goals. She also teaches self-defense, intuition sensitivity, and safety-planning.

Alexis received her coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation after training at Coach Training World in 2015. She has worked with women's crisis organizations and police bureaus on violence prevention and self-defense programs for young women and girls. 

She has coached young women one-on-one and facilitated groups for five years. Her favorite thing is to watch young women realize their value and begin to expect others to see it too.

Gain camaraderie, confidence, and resilience skills.

College students face stress from many areas of collegiate life: Difficult and time-consuming school work, young relationships, making friends, and a new phase of relationships with parents and home life. This is a place where young women are completely free to talk about body image, conflicts with parents, crushes and sex.

Everything is on the table, 100% judgement free, and everyone is welcome.

12 weekly 75-min guided discussions with a small group and informative worksheets

Specific skills for confronting challenging problems, such as "What do I do if I fail a course?"

A close-knit support network outside of your home and classroom environments

Watch this video for a curriculum overview


"I feel more confident in my decision making and I feel like I can advocate for myself more now. "

Class of 2023

Series Value

Pandemic Pricing

We want this course to be accessible to everyone. The end of the year is often tight, but this year especially so. 


Bring a buddy and you each get 25% off!
Use the promo code: BUDDIES4LIFE

Get A Bonus Self-Defense Course You Can Access Today!

28 Ways to Get Away [$69.99} FREE

Twenty-eight two-minute self-defense drills to create everyday physical confidence and stay safe in attacker situations. This course covers targeting vulnerable areas, hand strikes, kicks, as well as ground fighting.

Learn how to defend yourself and to prioritize getting to safety over sticking around and fighting. 

Sign Up with Confidence

If after four weeks of the series, you're not feeling supported and you've reached out to me along the way, you can request a full refund or switch to weekly one-on-one coaching for the duration of the course.  

This Winter is going to be exceptionally challenging, don't weather it alone.  


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