Defining and expecting safe and dependable relationships is essential to building a successful life. At The Confidence Society (TCS) we offer young women examples of and a space to practice positive relationships with 
romantic partners, 
and mentors. 
We offer individual and group coaching, plus speaking engagements and workshops so that you can feel confident and thrive. 

Want to feel confident about your choices?

It's an exceptionally hard time to set boundaries when you are trapped in a living space with others or isolated and not wanting to push others further away. Do you worry others won't want to support you if you tell them what you truly want, or will make you feel bad for wanting something different? Are you concerned you'll end up alone if you don't please those around you? 


You won't end up all alone.

The more you stand up for yourself the more you will find yourself surrounded by those who support you and want you to feel secure. 
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We focus on three areas to help young women express their needs in clear and concise ways.

Emotional Self-Care

Improve feelings of self-worth and techniques for self-care, so that you can rebound from feelings of loneliness, put yourself out there to try new things, and ask for help when you need it. Learn ways to develop community and support for challenging times. 

Relationship Standards

Define behaviors and identify cues that make relationships feel safe and equitable, so that you can build relationships that support your development and growth. Learn ways to express needs--even if it feels challenging--so that your goals can remain the focus and priority.

Physical Safety

Enhance intuition sensitivity, create party and dating safety plans, learn physical self-defense and assertiveness skills, so that you can identify unsafe situations and people, and remove yourself to prevent harm. Learn how to safely enjoy new experiences that might pose risks.

Jesse M. 

Class of 2023

"Before I coached with Alexis, I struggled with self confidence and deserving to be treated well by everyone in my life.  We came up with a list of ways I wanted to be treated and I was able to recognize when I needed to set boundaries. She helped me find ways to remind myself I was worth it."

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There are so many amazing people and opportunities out there. Don't stay stuck in a cycle of self-doubt. Take one step today, keep it simple and achievable. Sign up for one of our confidence classes and take control of your life. 
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Scholarships are often available. Contact us if you need support.