At The Confidence Society (TCS) we teach college-bound women how to protect themselves against harmful relationships, practice intuitive decision making, and how and when to ask for help so they can feel confident and thrive at college. 

We focus on three areas to help young women express their needs in clear and concise ways.

Emotional Self-Care

Improve feelings of self-worth and techniques for self-care, so that girls can rebound from feelings of loneliness, put themselves out there to try new things, and ask for help when they need it. Learn ways to develop community and support for challenging times. 

Physical Safety

Enhance intuition sensitivity, create party safety plans, and learn physical self-defense skills, so that girls can identify unsafe situations and people, and remove themselves to prevent harm. Learn how to safely enjoy new experiences that might pose risks. 

Relationship Standards

Define behaviors and identify cues that make relationships feel safe and equitable, so that girls can build relationships that support their development. Learn ways to express needs--even if it feels challenging--so that school can remain the focus and priority.


"Going to college challenges the mind and body, not just with the 'freshman 15' (pounds) but also, a new study suggests, with a lower immune response for lonely students.

In a study of first-year students, researchers found that social isolation and feelings of loneliness each independently compromised the students' immunity. Ultimately, the combination of loneliness and small social networks weakened immune response."

-American Psychological Association


Don't let your student become a victim of loneliness and isolation at college. Make a plan. Below is a Community Support Contact List for you and your student to fill out. Keep updating the list as she meets new people and makes new contacts. It doesn't have to be complete, just start talking about different people she can talk to and contact in hard times. It takes a village: identify your village! And fill out a form for each of you — you need a support network too. Phone numbers need to be written down, not kept only on your phone.


 It's hard to send your student off to college for the first time. You may feel there is no way for you to protect her and keep her safe. Do you worry she'll struggle to navigate the new environment and social pressures? Are you concerned she may make choices that will put her in harm's way?

You're not alone and neither is she. 


"Before I coached with Alexis, I struggled with self confidence and deserving to be treated well by everyone in my life. We came up with a list of ways I wanted to be treated and I was able to recognize when I needed to set boundaries. She helped me find ways to remind myself I was worth it. "

Jessie M.


The first day of college is coming and she'll be on her own. Give her the preparation she needs to handle those first couple of months. There will be challenges both big and small. Make sure she has the tools to overcome them.



Scholarships are often available. 

Contact us if you need support.


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