Group Coaching

Join a cohort of students going through the same life challenges and changes. Work through a curriculum of independence and empowerment skills. Develop a community for support when you're feeling challenged, overwhelmed, or lonely.

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Speaking and Workshops

Alexis speaks to groups of all ages, students, parents, administrators, and schools. Event topics range from physical safety, confidence, assertiveness, boundary setting, party smarts and safety planning.

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Individual Coaching

Coaching is to therapy as personal training is to physical therapy. Train for the future, shift perspectives, work through limiting beliefs and overcome barriers that are holding you back. Each session is tailored to your needs.

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From self-defense, comfortable bras, freedom to chose, and confidence I’ve always wanted to empower women.


In college, I became passionate about empowering women and improving access to skills and information. I knew women and girls were getting mixed messages about their bodies, their right to say no, and whether they deserve to feel safe or actually be safe at all. Our culture faults women for the abuses they suffer and pressures them to please others even when uncomfortable.

Out of college, I turned to intense relationships to quiet my feelings of loneliness. It took me years to untangle myself from one man in particular. He was everything that the movies and romance novels describe: older, wise, attractive, attentive, strong, exciting, mysterious and... controlling.

I loved him, but looking back, I didn’t like myself in relationship with him. I ignored my priorities, became a bad friend and only thought about the next time I would see him.

I was addicted to him.


I considered myself one of the most confident women I knew, yet I chose a relationship that stripped a lot of that confidence away. One comment from him about how I needed to lose weight lead me to lose 30 pounds and develop an eating disorder that endangered my health.

I knew this relationship wasn't good for me, but the good times were so good, just like a drug high. And just like a drug, over time it become harder and harder to get the same high.

I had to find something better than the rollercoaster of romance. I had to create my own sense of security and identify a purpose.

I help women find the confidence to create their own dependable journey, meet their own needs, safely explore the world, and choose relationships that support, respect, and inspire them.


I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and minors in French, and Gender/Sexuality Studies. In 2015, I trained as a life coach at Coach Training World in Portland, OR and received my certification from the International Coaching Federation. I've worked with women's crisis organizations and police bureaus on violence prevention and self-defense programs for young women and girls, GirlStrength. In addition to confidence coaching, I am an official instructor of Vibrant Voice Technique and licensed New York City tour guide. I founded The Confidence Society in 2018.

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