One-on-One Assertiveness Coaching 

Have you ever wished someone would just write you a permission slip to say no to something?

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What is one-on-one assertiveness coaching?

Coaching sessions give you a space to process challenges and deepen your understanding of self. We will learn what you truly want and create a plan to get it. Coaching is to therapy as personal training is to physical therapy. We focus less on healing the past and more on achieving your current goals and shaping your life to what you want it to be.


I'll keep us on track to obtain your goals, but you will also have space to talk out your struggles so you can make your own discoveries. I don't give advice unless you want it. You have everything you need to succeed. All the plans and solutions in our sessions are yours, I just help you uncover them.  

In coaching sessions we may discuss feelings of self-consciousness, stress, familial standards, big and small goals, and setting personal boundaries with friends, family, coworkers, classmates, and romantic interests. We will work through limiting beliefs and overcome barriers that are holding you back. Sessions are tailored to each client's unique needs.

As a certified Whole Person Coach, I will be your personal cheerleader and trusted confidant for processing challenges. 

I meet with clients for 55-minute sessions weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks. Coaching sessions take place over Zoom.


I'm an assertiveness coach. After college, I met a man who did not add to my life, but gave me a sense of security. I spent seven years not growing and riding the same rollercoaster with him. It took someone asking me, "If you could leave him and no one would suffer pain or sadness, would you?" My answer was clear: yes. I could brave the immediate sadness and move on. I needed someone to give me permission and remind me that I would be okay without him.

I now support women in creating their own sense of security so they can say no and know they will thrive all the more for setting boundaries and standing up for themselves.