Ms. Hot Stuff More Everything

Feb 09, 2024
Birthday Invitation

You are invited to the birthday of Ms. Hot Stuff More Everything. 

Please celebrate by being your most outrageous and glorious self.


The cat is out of the bag! I was going to keep this name as an inside joke, but Siri betrayed me!

Years ago, I ask Siri to call me “Hot Stuff.” I think someone had passed me on the street and called me that and it tickled me. So when Siri was struggling to pronounce my last name as everyone does (It’s “Eh-Ting” like "setting" without the “s” by the way), I thought it would be fun to have the sexy British male voice call me “Hot Stuff.” It delighted me. All directions were given to “Hot. Stuff.” My texts and emails all were repopulated to display my name as “Hot Stuff.” It was just on my phone. It was Siri and my’s little secret.

But then, I was out to dinner with my friend and coworker, George. George just turned 70 and calls texts emails. I sent him a text/email and I noticed that the text came in from “Hot Stuff.” I was flummoxed. Hot Stuff? How does George know I'm Hot Stuff? I panicked after freezing for a moment. “How long have I been Hot Stuff to George? Who else knows I’m Hot Stuff?” George explained to me that all my emails come in from Hot Stuff. Whenever he gets a group text/email from our boss it’s always "Hot Stuff." He expressed how frustrating it was for the longest time and that it took him a while to learn and remember that I was Hot Stuff or HS. So I have been HS to him for a while now…

I texted my boss, and told him the origins of Hot Stuff and desperately needed to know if I was Hot Stuff in his phone too. How many people had Siri betrayed me too?!

I took George’s phone and immediately edited the contract. Indeed it did say nickname: Hot Stuff. I deleted the nickname on his phone and on my phone’s contacts. I must have shared my contact with him when we first met. How many other people had I shared my own contact with??!

My boss replied that he’d never heard of Hot Stuff. Phew. 

I felt a sense of relief. Maybe it was only George. But that seems impossible. How many professional contacts had I shared my contact card with upon first meeting? And they never got back in touch because they couldn’t figure out who Hot Stuff was?! Or were completely appalled? Thank goodness I figured this out before going to an important conference!

Upon telling this story to all my friends, the overwhelming response was: I want you to be Hot Stuff in my phone! So alas, I am now officially Hot Stuff. HS, to the few who are delicate at heart. 

Once upon a time at another job, coworker was looking for my name on the team list and narrated: “Where’s my Alexis, here’s my Et… Eye-ting… Every? Where’s my Everything?” And from then on I would forever more be Alexis Moore Everything. 

The transformation is complete. I’ve tried on many names and this is the one that feels best. It’s outrageous and delightful. Sexy, but not too ostentatious. 

Signing off,

Ms. Hot Stuff More Everything

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