Create Your Own Intention Compass and Get on Track

compass direction intention intuition meaning perseverance purpose Jan 15, 2020

What is the meaning of life?  What is my purpose?  What am I doing with my life?

Learn how to figure out what your purpose in life is and how to stay on track by identifying your Intention Compass™. Overcome the frustration of missing opportunities and not following through on your goals by always knowing what direction to go next. 

I discovered how important having an Intention Compass™ was while I experienced rejection and failure while launching my business. One of my core values is perseverance. To me this means continuing a project even if parts of it have failed. You can’t fail unless you give up. So I when I was frustrated and sad, I would get back on the computer and ask “what can I do to get back on track? What do I have control over?” I don’t have control over the past, but I can change the direction for my next steps. 

My values have morphed over time, I understand them better now. The first step to creating your own Intention Compass™ is to think on your life, your past, but also any moments you imagine in your future. Of those moments which are the best? Write down what you were doing, how you were feeling and what was important about the moment. 

I have two best moments that stand out. They’re both from when I was 16 years old. The first is when I had a starring role in a community musical. At the end of the show my character had to make a hard decision and stands at the edge of the stage while action dims and slows behind her. She contemplates her choices in urgent song. I felt supported by the full orchestra and brave singing a challenging piece with all my heart as this courageous woman. 

The other moment is from when I began driving. I had two household growing up and at this juncture there was a big fight over paying for my car insurance. One parent came to me with their frustration and told me they might have to go to court over it. I was shocked that court was an option. It wasn’t an option in my world. In my memory, I simply and calmly told them that court wasn’t an option and that this was my life. They would have to find another way, because going to court was not acceptable. I never heard about it again. 

I analyzed these moments and found courage, support, connection, triumph, passion, and elegance. Courage for standing up for myself and my quality of life and courage singing a piece that was a little scary, but feeling so powerful doing it. Support from the orchestra, fellow performers, and in the end my family by solving the problem outside of court. I felt my delivery of both moments was smooth and certain, and elegant. 

My fourth direction: joy has held a strong position in my life. I love to be the entertainer, and keep people interested as they learn. I also enjoy being a distraction when necessary. This particular word has changed because I really value having someone to be joyful with. I like to play make believe and be silly with my coworkers. This is more than just joy, it’s play. 

The different words used to describe your moments can link to other bigger words or can shift slightly to be more inclusive or encompassing. (ha! encompassing…) 

Here’s how my Intention Compass™ has shifted since it’s creation. 


If you need help coming up with words to describe your best moments, here is a list of values. You can also take a short cut and just write down your favorites and whittle them down to four. Four makes for a good Intention Compass™, but you can have more.  

When you're feeling lost or frustrated, look to your Intention Compass™ and see what your next move could be to keep you heading in the right direction. Artfully produce your compass and post it in a couple places: next to your keys, on your closet door, in your car, above your work space, or next to your bed. 

If you want to talk through your Intention Compass™ or need help honing in on your core values, contact me to set up a coaching session. [email protected]


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