Create Your Own Intention Compass and Get on Track

What is the meaning of life? What is my life purpose? What am I doing with my life?

Learn how to figure out what your purpose in life is and how to stay on track by identifying your Intention Compass. Overcome the frustration of missing opportunities and not following through on your goals by always knowing what direction to go next. 

I discovered how important having an Intention Compass™ was as I experienced rejection and failure while launching my business. I would come home frustrated and sad and then I would consult my compass and ask “what can I do to get back on track? What do I have control over?” I don’t have control over the past, but I can change the direction for my next steps. 

One of my values is perseverance. To me this means continuing a project even if parts of it have failed. You can’t fail unless you give up. So I would get back on the computer and see what little step I could complete towards my goal. 

My values have...

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