How to Build Confidence: Be a Carebear

Here are 5 things you can do to build confidence:

  1. Send out a confident air. This comes from inside and only works if you fake it until you make it. I challenge you to step away from the “don’t mess with me” stance, and move toward “I am me and you will not be changing that.” Do you remember the Care Bears? They are colorful cartoon bears that had circles with symbols on their bellies. On occasion a beam of light would stream from their bellies and defeat the bad guys, who were usually pretty scary. When we take the time as humans we can feel the energy of another person. Send out your confident energy!
  2. Physical posture. Don’t be afraid to take up space. You live in this world too and deserve a place in it. Think about broadening your shoulders, rather than pushing them back. Think about lifting your head higher and getting taller rather than sticking your chin in the air. Expand.
  3. State your needs. Nothing says confidence like clear...
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