Can I Get a Witness? (Ways to Regain Confidence After Rejection)

I’ve had some upset in my home recently. As it finally shook out, I got very excited about a free desk I found on Craigslist. I wanted to take some control back in my life and home and getting a new desk felt right. The person who posted the ad said they would take down the ad when it was gone. So, I was thrilled to find it still on the side of the road when I arrived. 

It was a heavy sucker and wouldn’t fit in my trunk, but I saw that it would just fit in my back seat if I pushed the front seats forward. With some effort I got all but the last inch into my back seat. It needed to be lifted on both sides at the same time to make it that last inch. I needed help. People passed by and simply glanced at my struggle, but no one seemed interested in helping a gal shove a desk in her backseat. Eventually, a man, who’s car I had double parked in, helped me with the last inch only after realizing he wasn’t going anywhere until I got the desk in. 

The only...

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